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Last Thursday it was crazy raining/storming areas got flooded, cars stuck in the water, etc. etc. My dad is a Schwan's man so he drives around to peoples doors and they order from him. That day on his route he spotted three kittens in a ditch, the ditch was filling with rain water and they were going to drown until he saved them. All the shelters in the area are filled to the capacity so we took them home and are nursing them.

They're about seven days old now and were at least three when my Dad found them. My good friend Ericka works at a Vet's office and has been helping us with them. It's been a challenge sometimes as they are whiny little babies who require 90 degree room temperatures. Of course it's a labor of love, but they are super cute and adorable. We're keeping the little girl, the runt of the group and we've named her Missy Me. I already have two cats, Kitty Boy and Dixie and they both HATE the kittens. Kitty Boy is scared of them and he backs in to a corner while around them and Dixie just hisses and glares at them. The dog is ok with them though, it's cute because whenever she comes into the room she goes to their box to make sure they're still there.

We still need to find a home for Big Boy(he's the largest of them all), but we're hoping my cousin will want him. The middle child Hamish is going to falseaidoru no matter what her dad says.

Here the three of them are sleeping together. We put a stuffed cat toy in there and it's so sad, yet adorable how they'll lay beside her and suck on her.

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Mar. 3rd, 2010

So because the Governor of Virginia obviously can not find another place to cut the budget he's cutting a big chunk from social programs and schools. He's trying to cut school breakfast and funding for extra curricular activities which means more art programs are going to be slashes. I know the art teacher at my om's school is going on apart time because they obviously can't afford her. Not to mention a lot of teachers are going to loose their jobs. Thankfully my mom's job seems fine, she's no longer on an improvement plan and she'd been teaching for like 18 years so ya. They're trying to entice people into retirement by offering a one time incentive of 20% of their current salary.

I am not pretending to know what else they could do, but they're cutting money for programs that benefit the state. They're going to cut Domestic Violence budgets and so many other programs. I doubt the schools will be hiring anyone since they're having to do lay offs. It's just a horrible situation. I am going to research this more now since I haven't paid much more attention to it after the initial budget proposal.

Feb. 28th, 2010

Ok so I swore I wasn't going to update till I made a baking icon, but I give. It's midterm time now and I'm not as busy as a lot of my friends because I dropped all but two classes. I had a panic attack at the beginning the semester and couldn't handle it. I almost dropped more, but thankfully I was talked out of it. This week I have to study for Human Sexuality midterm and do my final draft of my Review essay for English. It's on Howl's Moving Castle because I have seen it so many times I knew it'd be incredibly easy to do.

I've been lurking the communities I belong to because I've been depressed/antisocial. Hell a lot of times I don't even want to hang out with my friends irl. I've only been going to my Eastern Star meetings and out shopping since I've been staying up all night then sleeping till five. I did better today and woke up at three!

The snow is all gone from here, we had seven inches at one time which is amazing for Hampton since we only normally get up to an inch. The seven inches shut down schools for two days, but even half an inch has been known to shut down schools. I haven't been baking because I've been asleep all day, I have tons of ingredients in my cupboard so I need to go to it. I'm going to start picking out the recipes for the cookies I promised urban_stereo!
Make this storm go away! I am officially sick and tired of the Nor'easter of 09! All it does is rain, rain some more, and then the wind will blow at like 40 mph. Too many businesses are closed because of it and while I would normally bake or something, I'm all out of brown sugar and the bank closed early! I don't think anyone was taking this storm seriously until last night, of course at first it was just the remnants of Tropical Storm Ida, but then it evolved into the Nor'easter that is blowing outside my window right now.

Of course watching the news on it made me want to cry, not because of the stories or the forecast, but because normally I would have someone to call right now. Normally I would call my Aunt and make sure she's safe, but she's dead so I can't and I don't talk to my Uncles, one by choice and the other I was never that close to, then my Grandmother wouldn't even recognize my voice because of fucking Alzheimer's. Sometimes when I think about it I feel so alone even though I have a great family. I also wish I could call falseaidoru, but then I remember how boyfriend has a cell phone and no reception at his apartment.

We're pretty lucky though with the weather, all we're getting is rain because even though this is a high elevation off the water, we're not backed against it like many people I know are. If we were living in Westview Lakes like we used to I'm sure we would have a problem with streets flooded. They say it's not going to be as bad as Isabel and anyone who lived in Virginia around that time can attest to how bad it was. We went without power for a week at my Grandmother's, of course later we found out it could have been restored earlier if a neighbor had chopped up a tree in their driveway.

This weather is expected to start dying down tonight and tomorrow the rain and wind will be lesser, they'll probably open back up the port and schools. I just wonder if I'll still have to help out at the Oyster Bowl since I doubt they'll be able to play on the field, it should be soaked with the 8-11 inches of rain we've been getting.
So today my mom has been cleaning out boxes that were in my Aunt's shed, in them she's found old photo albums, artwork from when we were children, and savings bonds. The last is what I am most excited about. I know money is not everything, but when you're broke it means a lot! I was so sure I had cashed in all my bonds when my dad made me do it when I was younger, but it turns out I hadn't! I have a bond from my birth year, 1987, the next year, 1988, and then 1995. I am also going to write to the address the Treasury website gave me to see if I have any I haven't cashed, but can't find. It looks like I'll finally be opening that bank account at Langley.

Of course the bonds don't mature fully for another 10-20 years, but I can't wait that long to cash them. Who knows what will happen in the mean time! I'm waiting till October to actually cash them because they're worth more then.
So I haven't been updating lately, I've been too lazy to and work has been kicking my butt. Tomorrow I'm going up to Baltimore for Otakon! I'm super excited even though I have still have to pack and it's 9:40! Right now I'm uploading music to Itunes and sorting out my playlists for the trip, I'm running behind schedule.

Today at work though I got sick, the heat was too much and I ended up throwing up and coming home early. My throat kind of still hurts from the acid and my stomach is iffy, I hope I feel better tomorrow. So ya... This entry is short and I have nothing else to write at the moment.

Well wait, if anyone is going to Otakon let me know!

Finally time off! Five days in a row! I can not wait to stay up late and sleep in.
My job is so kicking my ass. I am so tired by the time I come home that I don't even bother fighting to get online. I like my job though! It is kind of quiet now since we have sad emo Russians and the hyper Asians are gone. I miss hearing them chatting loudly, the Russians are just so quiet and sad looking.

Oh and then on Wednesday I missed work because I was in a car crash!!! Luckily no one was hurt, just some crying occurred because my dad yelled at us. We didn't know to call the cops... It's going to be our fault anyways since it happened at a stop sign, but it so was wasn't our fault! We have a rental car since the front bumper practically fell off. I had to give a ten minute interview to the insurance company about what happened.

When I am home I've been marathoning Supernatural, I bought all three seasons and I'm almost done with the second season. I love this show so much! I don't know why I never got into it, I think something else was always on at that time. I do have on complaint about it... Why aren't there more shameless shirtless scenes? It wouldn't take away from the storyline to have them take off their shirts more than once a season!

I also bought True Blood which makes me want to start reading the books again since I love Eric. I had forgotten how much sex there was in season one... I am going to watch it at my club with guys and it makes me nervous now. Luckily the guys in my club are really cool and aren't your typical guys, they're kind of sensitive.

Also I totally need to buy extra icon time, I was lazy and let it lapse. 15 icons just isn't doing it for me!!
Ok so I have been avoiding making a journal since I have comments to reply too... BUT THIS IS TOO IMPORTANT NOT TO UPDATE ABOUT.

So I just found out that Olivia Lufkin, AKB48, CLAMP, and Ai Yazawa are all going to Japan Expo in fucking Paris, France. If I had known this I would have been saving my money! If I had spent the bare minimum on gas I could have at least $400. A round trip ticket costs at least $700, then there would be hotel money and the ticket itself. Do you have any idea unfair this is? It makes me so sad!!!

I mean it's CLAMP. IT'S FUCKING CLAMP! Who doesn't love them? Then it's Ai Yazawa the genius behind NANA and many other titles. I think I would be pulling my hair if they had Naoko Takeuchi [creator of Sailor Moon]. Of course there is no way I could go now, even if I had the money I'd have to rush on my passport and ya. I want you all to know how unfair this is! How sad I am!

Sure I'm going to Otakon, but Anime Expo has FUCKING MORNING MUSUME. Who does Otakon have? Kanon Wakeshemi. Wow that is going to be a fun show! I HATE THIS!!!!!

OH I JUST REALISED THEY ALSO HAVE Natsuki TAKAYA [creator of Fruits Basket]!!!!!! I hate this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh and Glee was amazing tonight. The highlight of my night.
It's 87 right now and the AC repairmen have still not come. I also helped finish dinner so I'm dying here! It's chicken pot pie and I won't be able to eat it while it's so hot out, it makes me sad.

Today I bought new work shoes, I only have $30 left of my last paycheck and it won't be another two weeks till I get paid. Also my order at Rightstuff didn't go through so I have to check out what's up with that since I know I left enough in the account! I only spent $2 on the card and that was at Busch Gardens in the break room, I bought two bottles of water from the vending machine.